Uber has Redesigned its App: Check out New Features and Changes

Uber has Redesigned its App: Check out New Features and Changes
Uber has completely redesigned its app from ground up and has also added some new features.

The ridesharing app Uber has announced a major change to its app and has also added some new features to enhance the user experience. As per Uber, the team has completely rebuilt the application from the ground up for the first time, since the last redesign in 2012 to make it faster and smarter.

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You will get notified or can manually head to Google Play Store to check the new update. However, don’t worry if you Play Store does not show any update message, as the new update is being rolled out to users across the globe in batches.
New Shortcuts Feature Uber says that the new app learns from riders’ routines and if you are a frequent Uber user, then you will see “shortcuts” on your app’s navigation menu. These shortcuts predict where one could be headed and can save time on your journey. The new feature is added to tailor the journey better.

Calendar Integration Uber is also adding calendar integration to its app. Once connected, the rider’s meetings and appointments will automatically appear as shortcuts. This will save them the hassle of digging through another app to find the right address.

Choose your car & compare upfront fare The new Uber app has also tweaked the ride selection feature. After entering the destination in ‘where to’, rider can choose among the various Uber rides. You can go for a more spacious uberX or UberBLACK ride or book an uberGO for an affordable everyday ride. The new app also simplifies the process of fare comparison to check the cost of different rides and to compare the upfront fares.
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