These banks are giving cardless withdrawal at ATMs

These banks are giving cardless withdrawal at ATMs

Amid the Coronavirus crisis in India, it is extremely important for people to stay inside their house and avoid public places. However, cash is sometimes necessary for people to buy essential during the lockdown and ATMs are a public place and you do not know if an infected person has touched the machine. Wouldn’t it better for you to have minimum contact with the machine and still get the cash?

Well, banks are constantly trying to make the cash withdrawal convenient for the people and nowadays people can withdraw money even without using credit or debit card. Several banks across India offer cardless cash withdrawal service which allows you to withdraw money from the ATM without using your card. SBI’s YONO app enables customers to withdraw money without using the debit card. In fact, banks like ICICI Bank and Axis Bank also provides this facility to make a cardless cash withdrawal.

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Here are the banks that offer cardless cash withdrawal at ATMs:

1. SBI: SBI’s YONO app allows users to withdraw money from SBI ATMs without using a debit card. You can even transfer money to other people as well who can then withdraw cash from an SBI ATM without using the card. One important point to note here is that one can withdraw a minimum of Rs 500 and maximum of Rs 10,000 in a single transaction. The customer can withdraw a maximum of Rs 20,000 in one day from an SBI ATM.

Here’s how you can withdraw cash without the card

Step 1: Download SBI Yono app and log in.

Step 2: Select Yono cash from these three options – ‘Yono Pay Option on the home screen’, ‘Yono Pay option on the hamburger menu’ and ‘quick links on the home screen’.

Step 3: Select the account number and enter the amount (default delivery channel is selected as ATM).

Step 4: Set Yono Cash PIN for the transaction.

Here’s how you can use the Yono Cash PIN at the ATM to withdraw cash

Step 1:  Select ‘Yono Cash’ on the ATM screen and enter the Yono Cash transaction number.

Step 2: Enter the amount you need to withdraw.

Step 3: Enter Yono Cash PIN and validate on the Yono server.

Step 4: Complete the authentication of the transaction and collect cash.

With Yono cash, a customer can initiate the cash withdrawal process on the YONO app and set a six-digit YONO Cash PIN for the transaction. They will also get a six-digit reference number for the transaction on their registered mobile number. It may be noted that the cash withdrawal has to be completed within the next 30 minutes at the nearest YONO Cash point…..Read More>>


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