Reliance Jio SIM Common Problems: How to Escalate Complaints

Reliance Jio SIM Common Problems: How to Escalate Complaints

Here are possible ways to escalate complaints that you face while using the Reliance Jio SIM.

Since September, the Reliance Jio 4G SIM is creating great news and transforming the Indian telecom sector in a significant way.

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Millions of people got the Jio SIM, but all are facing many issues with the network. Some of the common issues that the Jio subscribers are experiencing include slow 4G connectivity, call drop issues and more. Many of these users are venting out their anger on the online forums.

Also Read: Reliance Jio May Not Extend its Welcome Offer Until March 2017 As we all know, due to the high demand, the number of complaints or whatsoever be the reason, the Jio customer support is pretty bad. It is quite hard for the frustrated Jio customers to reach the customer care to resolve their issues.

Also Read: Does Reliance Jio 4G Limit the Call Time to 30 Minutes Per Call If you are one such annoyed Jio SIM user, then you can get your complaints escalated by following the steps that we have given here and get them resolved at the earliest.

Call the Jio Care

The first thing you can try to launch a complaint is to reach out to the customer care. You can either call the toll-free customer care number 198 or the toll-free general number 199 from your Jio number. Alternatively, you can call 1800-89-99999 to reach the Jio Care from any number.

Send an email As mentioned above, calling the Jio Care team is not a guaranteed solution to get a solution to the issue that you are facing with your Jio SIM. You can send them an email to if you want to get a fix for the issue that you are facing. Don’t forget to mention your Jio number and the issue as well.

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