H-1B Visa Becomes Even More Tough – Know more

H-1B Visa Becomes Even More Tough – Know more

President Trump led US Govt. has imposed even stricter norms for companies who wish to hire foreign workers under H-1B visa, and this include Indians as well.

Meanwhile Canada has decided to throw
open its borders for skilled immigrants, as by 2021, they will welcome 350,000 immigrants.

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Now, it is the time to choose between US and Canada. And think hard about your future.

H-1B Visa Becomes More Tough: 4 Pointers

Trump Adminstration has introduced some strict norms in the already tough H-1B labour application process, and this means even lesser H-1B visas would be approved now.

Three new rules have been included:

US-based employers who wish to sponsor foreign employees under H-1B visa must disclose how many H-1B employees they already have. Based on this information, now the labor application will be approved or rejected……….Read More>>


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