GST Rate Cut – These Items have Become Cheaper

GST Rate Cut – These Items have Become Cheaper

GST Council has now reduced tax rates on over 50 items including small televisions and lithium-ion batteries, which would now be taxed at 18 percent, down from the current 28 percent.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council also exempted GST on other products. These changes will be effective from July 27 onward, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal told media after the 28th meeting of the GST Council.

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28% GST on Items Like :-

17 major white goods have been exempted from 28% GST, and reduced to 18% GST bracket: Washing machine, Refrigerators, TV, Video games, Vacuum cleaners, Trailers, Juicer mixer, Grinders, Shavers & Hair driers, water cooler, water heaters, Lithium iron batteries, electric iron. Note here, and 18% GST will be applied to all TVs which till 68 cms or 27 inch in size.

Besides GST on paints, wall putty and Varnish have also been reduced to 18% from 28%.

GST on all leather items and scents, toilet spray have been reduced to 18% from 28%.

Special purpose vehicles, work truck, trailers will now carry GST of 18%, instead of 28%. This means transportation cost can come down in some months……..Read More>>


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