Flipkart Plus – Get Hotstar Membership and more deals

Flipkart Plus – Get Hotstar Membership and more deals

Flipkart has launched membership program, Flipkart Plus and registrations are open now and users can now avail the membership .

Flipkart Plus membership plan is absolutely free which comes loaded with premium benefits and exclusive rewards. The plan offers free faster delivery, early access in flagship Flipkart sales, extra rewards for every purchase and more.

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Flipkart Plus customer loyalty program comes free and you can earn benefits when you make a purchase on Flipkart. No additional charges, but extra benefits with every purchase you make at Flipkart. You will get free deliveries, exclusive benefits, early access, priority customer support and more.

Redemption of Flipkart Plus coins in the form of offers via Flipkart partnered stores on food, beverages, entertainment, travel or against any purchase on Flipkart in the future.

Flipkart Plus membership cannot be purchased. To enroll for Flipkart Plus, you need to collect Flipkart Plus coins and exchange it for the no-fee Flipkart membership program. You have to shop for a minimum of Rs 250 to earn one coin. You cannot earn more than 10 coins per order. Flipkart Plus membership plan can be exchanged for 50 coins, though for selected users the membership plan is available for zero coins. You can keep earning Flipkart Plus coins for other offers in different categories.

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