DoT new eKYC to get new SIM card – All you need to know

DoT new eKYC to get new SIM card – All you need to know

DoT has issued new guidelines to get mobile SIM cards. These guidelines come in the wake of the department directing telecom service providers to discontinue Aadhaar-based eKYC process for issuing new mobile connections. DoT issued the details of the procedure and modalities to be followed by telcos for issuing new mobile connections using the alternate digital KYC process. This new process digitises the end-to-end process for on-boarding new mobile subscribers.

Here are new process to follow to get SIM Card :-

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1. Customer seeking a new mobile connection needs to visit authorised centre of the telecom service provider that he/she wants SIM of. He/she should have in possession the required documents for proof of identity and proof of address (PoI and PoA).

2. Live photograph of the customer needs to be taken at the retail outlet. This photo will be embedded in the customer acquisition form (CAF).

3. The live photograph will have watermarks with CAF number, GPS coordinates, retail outlet’s name and unique code. The photograph will also have the date and time stamped.

4. Along with the photograph, the identity proofs (including address) need to be watermarked by the telecom operator.

5. All mandatory fields of CAF form need to be filled. ID proofs where QR codes are available can be scanned so that the required information can be auto-populated. For example, if a customers shares his/her Aadhaar card then details like name, gender, date of birth etc can be auto-populated.

6. As a declaration of the retail outlet collecting the customer’s live photograph and identity/address proof, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the user’s alternate number (or any of his family member’s number) registered with the telco……..Read More>>


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