Did you receive this SMS from LIC? If not, register or update your mobile number immediately

Did you receive this SMS from LIC? If not, register or update your mobile number immediately

Life insurance behemoth Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India is going digital and from the beginning of the next month on March 1, 2019, the policyholders will get automated SMS whenever their premium gets due or a policy gets lapsed due to non payment of premium or bonus is added etc.

Intimating the policyholder, LIC of India is sending an SMS, which says, “Dear Customer, we inform you that LIC will send Premium Due Intimations and reminders for your Policy Number xxxxxxxx by SMS only, with effect from 01.03.2019.”

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If you have received this SMS, it means your mobile number has got registered with the insurer correctly. However, in case you have not received the SMS, you should get your number registered or updated immediately, so that you don’t miss any important communication from LIC of India regarding your policy.

To get your mobile number registered, you may call the Agent, through whom you have bought the policy or policies and ask him or her to either get your mobile number registered or get it updated in case of any change in number or get if corrected in case of any error. You may also do it online by visiting www.licindia.in/Customer-Services/Help-Us-To-Serve-You-Better or by calling 27*7 helpline number 022-68276827.

According to LIC of India, an automated message, which would be customised and sent to the policyholders as their premium gets due, like – “Premium for Policy No. xxxxxxxxx of Rs xxxx.00 is due on dd/mm/yyyy. You can pay online at www.licindia.in or from mobile at www.licindia.in/mobile.”

Similarly, the premium due message would be repeated one day before the due date and again before the grace period ends in case of non payment, like – “Dear customer, please pay premiium due mm/yyyy under Policy No. xxxxxxxxxx on or before dd/mm/yyyy. Please ignore this message if premium is already paid.”

The corporation will send about 65 such messages, apart from reminder for premium payment, in case of a policy gets lapsed, revived or foreclosed, a policy bond is dispatched, bonus or loyalty is added, NEFT or NACH mandate is registered or rejected, maturity amount becomes due or paid and even greeting message on New year etc.

To spread the awareness about importance of getting mobile numbers registered, the corporation, after mentioning the types of SMS and instances when such messages would be sent, in a statement said, “This underlines the importance of having mobile numbers in all policies, as it would enable instant communication to the policyholder automatically.”


Source:- financialexpress



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