Ban on PUBG is unwarranted-Here is why

Ban on PUBG is unwarranted-Here is why

PUBG is an intense tactical Battle Royale and the mobile version enjoys immense popularity in Indian and Asian markets.

However, in recent times, there has been an attack on PUBG Mobile in India, and the latest comes from an 11-year-old boy who is attempting to get Bombay High Court to ban it for promoting violence, aggression and cyberbullying.

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Cyberbullying is a problem, but does not warrant a ban

Cyberbullying definitely is a problem in PUBG Mobile.

While players are waiting in the lobby before the match or flying on the battle plane, there are a lot of abuses thrown around.

Some abuses and insults target particular communities, hurting caste and religious sentiments.

However, instead of banning the entire game, it is possible to introduce chat filters, and block players who are cyberbullies.

The game channels aggression, does not promote it

PUBG does require a lot of aggression, especially if you want to win the chicken dinner.

However, we believe the game does not promote aggression. It gives it an outlet.

Think of PUBG as the wall you punch when you are angry, instead of punching a person!

Killing enemies online is a better outlet for aggression than getting into fights in real life.

If PUBG promotes violence, so do films and other shows

Promotion of violence is an incredibly serious charge. It is also incredibly baseless.

If the violence in the game promotes it in real life, so do most action-oriented Bollywood movies.

We would have to ban most of the Khans from making films!

We believe PUBG helps channelize our violent instincts into the game, rather than allowing a more dangerous outburst in real life…………Read More>>


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