Budget Android Smartphones Are Secretly Sending Users’ Data To China

Some budget Android devices may be infected with malicious software that tracks users’ phone calls, text messages, and other data as well and then sends that data to China. The backdoor was identified by the security firm Kryptowire, who claims it is a potentially serious security risk.

Budget Android Smartphones Are Secretly Sending Users’ Data To China

Security experts have discovered that some Android smartphones, particularly the most economical and accessible on the market, monitor text messages of their users and send them to a server based in China every in 72 hours. This includes brands such as Huawei, ZTE and American BLU.

The finding is responsible for the security firm Kryptowire’s expert information, who also assured the New York Times that these devices also track the user’s location data and call logs. The software was written by a Chinese company called Shanghai Adups Technology.

Tom Karygiannis, vice president of product security firm, told the Verge that these are not clear what the purpose of this monitoring software; what they do know is that this is not a security flaw or accidental vulnerability, it is a feature that exists because manufacturers want to be there.


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