Beware of These Reliance Jio, Narendra Modi, and Paytm Related Hoax WhatsApp Messages If receive these WhatsApp messages from your friends, simply delete it. It’s a scam! Check out.

If receive these WhatsApp messages from your friends, simply delete it. It’s a scam! Check out.

WhatsApp has been hitting headlines for introducing several new features including the video calling, video streaming and more recently. However, there is yet another concerning reason why everyone is talking about WhatsApp these days.

Yes! Soon after WhatsApp rolled out its most awaited video calling, WhatsApp was flooded with several spam links, which claimed to let users get video calling feature updated. SEE ALSO: How to Get Unlimited RComm Voice Calling for Just Rs. 149 There are several hoax WhatsApp messages circulating across all users today, be it about demonetization, Reliance Jio, Narendra Modi or any other, spammers have not left anyone. Hence, avoid these WhatsApp messages if you in future, and just in case you have already receive these hoax messages and clicked on the links, better delete them right away.

Reliance Jio Bill For Rs. 27,718 Don’t believe this Reliance Jio message circulating on your WhatsApp. There’s this message that is flooding the instant messaging app about Reliance Jio introducing a bill of Rs. 27,718, even before the Welcome offer ends. Just in case you have received this message, avoid it’s as it’s nothing but a fake message circulated by the spammers.

Narendra Modi Offers Free Rs. 500 Mobile Recharge Soon after demonetization, WhatsApp has been circulating this message stating “Modiji Offer” which perhaps is offering Rs. 500 recharge amount on any number in India. However, when clicked on the link, and entered the details, there was no recharge amount credited.


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