Apple Watch Series 2 review: An upgrade, which still needs improvements

Apple Watch Series 2 review: An upgrade, which still needs improvements

What is it about Apple that makes people speculate even before the product is launched? Case in point: the Apple Watch Series 2. Rumour mills were full of tit-bits like, waterproof capability and larger battery. Turns out, they were bang on. Apple Watch Series 2 (as the company calls it) was launched along with the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; unfortunately, it is not a very significant upgrade (especially when it comes to design and aesthetics), but does manage to capture the right notes with the new Watch OS 3 and faster processing power. We got our hands (technically, our wrists) on the new Apple Watch Series 2 to find out how it fares when compared to the previous generation and of course, its competitors. This is what we could make of it.


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A sense of deja vu swept us, when we unboxed the Apple Watch Series 2. It looks almost identical to the previous generation. We reviewed the 42 mm aluminium version of the smartwatch dressed in dark grey with the woven nylon strap. This weighs 34.2 grams and is about 8 grams lighter than the stainless steel variant.

As far as the screen size and button placement is concerned, it is very similar to its predecessor. The front portion of the Apple Watch Series 2 is dominated by a brilliant touchscreen with a circular dial, power button on the right and the speaker on the left (if you are wearing it on the left wrist). Turn it around you will find the LED light array that is used to monitor the heart rate. The nylon strap is sturdy and can resist water to some extent (for swimming we do recommend the rubber strap).


Whenever we pick up the next generation of a gadget we always wonder is this version any better than the previous one? So with same scepticism we ran the Apple Watch Series 2 through our test bench.

Apple has upgraded the inside machinery and now the Apple Watch Series 2 sports a Dual core CPU, built-in GPS, low power Bluetooth 4.0 and a bigger battery. Apple has also upgraded the display. This smartwatch now has a brighter (1000 nits) touch screen with a resolution of 312 x 390 pixels.

What can a brighter screen do? Well, most Apple Watch users did complain that they cannot see the screen properly under direct sunlight. So like all good companies Apple took notice and increased the brightness. We tested it out under direct sunlight and the brighter screen does help.


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