1More Single Driver review: A pricey but good looking in-ear headphones

1More Single Driver review: A pricey but good looking in-ear headphones

Did you know that the legendary Mi Piston earphones that you love so much are from a company called 1More? A company that has not only distinguished themselves in designing some good-looking earphones. They also sound great, especially with their more expensive triple driver ones. Now, 1More is here in India officially and we take their Single Driver’s out for a spin.

Design and Build Quality

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The Single Driver’s look great, with a striking red wire that’s connected to a sleek black and dark grey earpieces. The headphones come in a plastic hard case very reminiscent of the Xiaomi Piston 2’s. In the box you get 4 pieces of silicone tips that are the same dark grey, but with a red accent inside. Making it look a bit luminous, like holding a flashlight close to the back of your hand, highlighting the inside tissue. 1More calls the black aluminium housing “Charcoal Black” and it does have that quality to it, with a slight anodization to make it look dark, yet retain a sense of grey.

The build quality is very sturdy. If you have owned a Piston before, you know the build. The wires do look a bit thin but feel firm with the Kevlar fibre wrapped inside of it. The outside of the cable is nylon, to reduce tangles. The housing for the mic and remote buttons feel premium and well built, with no danger of breaking anytime soon. As a whole, the Single Driver is quite tough to take the rigours of a heavy commute lifestyle and look good doing it.
Performance and Ergonomics
Unlike the large cylinders of the Pistons, each earpiece of the Single Driver is small and lightweight conical cylinders with angled ear-tips. So when inserted in your ear canal the sound fires straight in while keeping a good seal. The fit was quite snug, though the metal did feel a bit cold and sharp against your ear, but not enough to cause discomfort. The sound was crystal clear and it did block a lot of the noise around.

As the name suggests, the Single Driver consists of one dynamic driver with a triple layer made of aerospace grade metal. No word on the size of the driver, but it produces a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. According to 1More, the driver is encased in a resilient polymer and dual resonant chambers.

The first thing that struck us about the sound quality of the Single Driver is how big the soundstage is. It feels as though you’re in a larger space, with a lot of space between the instruments, separating them in your mind clearly. Now when we mean big, we don’t mean open, there is a slight restraint to the soundstage, which gives the bass and mids a nice organic feel. The bass itself is not too heavy, to play well with the mids and treble. There is a slight amount of mid bass evident as is mid treble. Making this earphone great if you’re listening to rock, pop or even electronica.

In a tribute to the late Chris Cornell, we listened to Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ and Audioslave’s ‘Like a Stone’, and both sounded balanced, with an equal separation on the snare, bass drum and the bass guitar, with Tom Morello’s guitar shining. We then tried the Single Driver’s out on several songs from Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Coldplay and everything sounded great. We did listen to heavier electronica like Dubstep, and we noticed the treble getting a bit sharp in parts, but it could also be the song pushing it. The soundstage shone throughout and it felt that some of the tracks were being performed live. The bass could have been a bit more.

The sound quality on the mic was great and the person on the other end could clearly hear us. Both when connected to a phone as well as for a bit of gaming on Overwatch when connected to the PS4 controller.
Final Thoughts

At an asking price of Rs. 2799, the 1More Single Driver is an expensive proposition. Especially since the Xiaomi Piston Hybrids are a lot better sounding for a cheaper price. If you want a balanced earphone with a superb sound space, the Brainwavz Delta’s are perfect. The 1More Single Driver’s are perfect if you want a premium looking earphone with great looks and very good sound quality to match.
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